What Will it Take?

What Will it Take?

What will take to make us lay down our pride?
Make us observe all agony that abounds by our side?
Children go hungry, we feast, and we thrive
Parents are starving, so children can survive.

Millions displaced, living homeless, or in tents
To house them, to feed them would cost less than we spend on presents
Orphans and widows living out in the street
We play in the snow, and complain of cold feet.

We see a video, we share, like, and comment
But do we CARE, do we recognize their life of torment?
Or do we just share to earn social cred?
To prove to our “friends” that our hearts are not dead?

News channels full of horrors untold,
Isis beheadings, are frequently tolled
But what of the millions dying each day?
Disease, starvation, not newsworthy? You say?

How then can you claim to possess Jesus’s love?
If you don’t share His burden for all those He loves?
If you live in comfort, in excess, in grandeur
While millions, MILLIONS die and we honour DE rigueur…