Hi. I’m Robbie. I’m a Renaissance Man, in the trust sense of the phrase. I’ve made my living in industries ranging from solid blue-collar fields, including Residential Construction, Land- and Hard-scaping, Fabrication, Automotive Mechanics, Heavy Equipment Mechanics, Small Engine Mechanics, Hydraulic Technician, and Logging and Sawmill operation and management, to the much less physical areas, such as Software Engineering, IT Specialist, Electronic Repair Technician. I have worked a variety of sales positions, and so far have started two companies, completely on my own. My primary independent venture, TrueGeek, LLC, is currently bringing in over $30,000/yr. My gorgeous wife Krystal has taken over the majority of the day to day operations of that business, and is doing an outstanding job with it. We have one child, a beautiful little girl named Sophia. I deeply enjoy Theology, Philosophy, and Psychology, and am actively expanding my knowledge in Electronics, specifically, in Electronic Engineering, and repair. I also enjoy reading and writing poetry, and gaming.