Gone, I ain’t even looking back
Gone! No! I’m never coming back
Pushed to the edge, by society’s blight,
Chose to jump, launched into the night.
Fallen from grace into the abyss
Never turning around, nothing back there I miss
Peaceful exterior, violence hides
Anger uncontrollable, burning inside
Smiling blissfully, practice it takes
Immune to the judgment others may make
Freedom, banishing all bond’s despair
Conquering fear, abolishing care.
Welcoming danger,
Adrenaline no stranger
Seeking more thrills
To drown out all ills
Incessant attacks
Friend’s knife in my back
Must flee this morass
Anonymous at last
In a place never known
My true value to own
No more horrible lies
From deeply jealous guys
Free to be who I am,
And not to be damned
To have everyone judge me
In hypocrisy
Because they have not checked
If what is said is correct.