He was just a boy, with a heart so soft,
Innocent, loving, and kind.
But life, as we know, is incredibly cruel,
And pain slowly darkened his mind.

Betrayal, rumours, lies manifold
Soon there was no one to trust
So he walled off that heart with walls thick and tall,
Protection, that was a must.

For years he lived, letting no one in, in solitude drifting through life
Not feeling, never loving, just numb to it all
Never climbing, never trying, never opening up,
Afraid to, lest he fall

Until one day, some one came along, and convinced him that he could be safe
To tell them his fears, his pain, his loss,
Even of the walls he had erected about him
So he shared, with no sheltering gloss.

For a time it was great, having someone who cared,
And caring for them in return
Gradually, painfully, he opened more and more, starting to tear down his walls
Exposing his heart, so battered, by so many burned

But then, just when it seemed he might finally be free
From all that had his heart blast,
All the lies, and the rumours, the stories, and tales,
Of his painful and shadowy past.

Began to be known, by people about, and questions were fired around,
Who is he, what’s he want? Why, why, why?
And rather than seek for the truth of the man, people gobbled up gossip with glee
Passing judgment, condemning, this life weary guy

He had tried, he had opened, exposed his great pain,
And now, from beyond his control,
The one that he trusted was yanked from his life, and it wounded him,
Deep in his soul.

Hastily, frantically, as if for his life, the walls were slammed back in place
Thicker, higher, stronger than e’er,
With no windows, no doors, that no light could get in,
Never, never, again, he did swear.

What hope is there now? For this troubled young man, so beset by agony deep
All because some who are careless and cruel
Choose to gossip, to lie, to defame and abuse,
Now he is viewed a black sheep.

Where is the end of this cycle of pain? When does this man find relief?
When does his heart find healing complete?
Where is the end of his grief?

Likely nowhere, now, that he’s wounded this bad
For never again will he dare
To open that door, not for ANYONE, not even himself,
He is determined, never to care.