Moving On

Moving On

All of this pain caused by well-meaning friends
Please just leave me alone, so this nightmare can end.
I know how to ask for what ever I need,
So unless I come asking, please; let me be!!

Reminding me daily of what I’ve been through
Is not really helping my thoughts to unskew
I’ve dealt with much worse than this affliction, you know,
So let me get through it, give me room to grow

I don’t want your pity, sympathy, or concern
All I need is some time, a plan to discern
And when I’ve decided where I should go,
Then, only then, I will let you know.

In spite of disaster, I’m moving ahead
Confident, determined, with nothing to dread.
No fear of the future, I’m ready to run
Toward any adventure, I won’t be outdone

I’m in my prime, with life to embrace
Stop throwing my failures back in my face
I know I messed up, I know better than you
How badly I’ve failed, to myself to be true.

But like always, I’ll climb to the top
I’m invincible, you know, you can’t pay me to stop.
Life is for living, so let’s get on our way
Abandon cowardice, rise, and seize the day!!!