Step Up

Step Up

Come out of the dungeon, into the light
Come out of your darkness, banish the night
It’s up to you to come through this alive,
Just believe, in your heart, that you will survive.

Lift up your head, give no place to shame
The ground is not where you should your gaze  aim
Prepare your eyes, when this darkness is gone
The light will be blinding, soon cometh the dawn

Whatever you’re facing, others have faced before,
Take courage, stand still, and trust in the Lord
He sees all your troubles, knows your weaknesses, too
If the storm grows too high, He can carry you through.

Love itself is stronger than death,
So love your potential, get up, take a breath.
Feel the power inside, in your spirit, your will
Breathe deeply, be confident, for a moment, be still.

When you are calm, your focus is clear
Look at your surroundings, notice what’s near.
Now choose a direction, step forward, believe
You can conquer, you can vanquish, cause your demons to leave.

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