Do you remember?
The past, the joys, the things we shared?
Our is it just me?
Remembering, with such despair?

Do you, like me,
Like awake for hours on end?
In dark of night,
Longing with someone to spend

Your life, your love,
All that you have, and are?
To give your best,
True love which naught doth mar?

When you’re with friends
Does it e’er seem strange that I’m not there?
Right by your side?
Every nuance we both can share?

Hearing a song,
Do you think about us?
Or’s what we had,
Fully buried by life’s fuss?

No day goes by,
Where I do not think of you.
With agony,
Can nothing this pain e’er undo?

Regret runs deep,
Darkening all of my hours
That one mistake
Now my hope, in subservience cowers.

Shattered forever
Its remnants are scattered abroad
Broken in bits
So hope, is erratically strawed.

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