She’s wildly beautiful,
So far from my league
Yet totally she accepts me
I’m filled with intrigue.

Her care is so gentle
She calms me, excites me
Her touch, soft, yet firm
With her, I am free

5 foot 4 is but average,
Her face follows suit
Till she looks in my eyes
Eyes sparkle, she’s SO cute

Not overly curvy
Yet feminine grace
Her every move garnishes
More beautiful than any face

She embraces her station
As a woman of God
Trusting her leaders,
Doesn’t nag them or prod

As a brave-hearted warrier
Standing tall in the strife
As a soldier for Christ
Shedding His light with her life

Amid life’s confusions
Mid uncertainty
She knows her convictions
And her loyalty

An excellent lady,
With a vision for life
Will some day, for some man
Make an excellent wife.

*Written about my ex, soon after we broke up.

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