They call it ideation
Imagining what could be
Over-active imagination
Is the reality.

Deep-seated psycho disturbance
Noted a therapist’s pad
Reliving the harrowing occurrence
Is steadily driving him mad.

Medication upon medication
Altering his state of mind
But shorter and shorter duration
The escape from Terror’s cruel bind

Others look on in sorrow
At a man trapped by his brain
The doctor says maybe tomorrow
Maybe then he’ll be sane

Energy, truly unfathomable
Lethargy, listless like dead
These two are the trouble
No sanity, just manic instead.

Lithium, Abilify, Celexa,
600, 5, and 10
Milligrams taken daily
But forgetfulness the problem then

Still he has days of depression
Still he has nights of no sleep
His moods like tides of the ocean
A schedule he cannot keep.

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