As we sit here in church with our eyes fixed ahead,
Are our ears fully open to all that is said?
Are we list’ning for truths that apply to our life,
Are we looking for things that will help avoid strife?

Are we willing to here what the Spirit so true,
Will be telling and showing us that we should do?
Are we willing to change if in action we err?
Or do we point at others and say “That’s not fair!”?

When we know there are areas where we are wrong,
Do we strive to find vict’ry and keep the church strong?
Or do we try to hide all our sins down inside,
And will strongly deny it if others will chide?

We should always be open to truth from above,
Knowing God chastises all that He loves.
While reproofs for the moment seem grievious to us,
We remember that fin’ly they cleanse us from lusts.

So let us resist always the Prince of The Air,
As we list’n to the preacher and not simply stare,
With self-blinded eyes as our mind wanders far,
But with interest in cleansing from all that might mar.

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