As apples have coloured skins, green, red, and gold,
So clothes should distinguish new men from the old
While apples work well just to demonstrate clothes
Won’t christians act differently from all Christ’s foes?

The Bible has many clear teachings on dress
But surely it also says something on this!
James one, twenty-seven is clear in it’s thought,
Religion isn’t Christian till good deeds are wrought.

While apple’s skins always show what is inside,
Some christian’s plain clothes can effectively hide
The carnal will working and fighting within,
With unwaning fervour, compelling to sin.

They might look quite good on the outside, ’tis true,
But carnal spots damage them all the way through.
When worms eat an apple, we cut out the worm,
So all of the rest will stay luscious and firm.

But what do we do with the spots in our lives?
We cannot remove them with physical knives!
We cannot remove them in our strength alone,
We need the assistance of One Who doth own,

Our souls and our bodies, and the One Who can clean,
Our spirit and conscience although they’re unseen.
His word is so pow’rful, so quick, and so sharp,
Discerning the thoughts and intents of the heart.

That He might present us to Him without spot,
And wrinkles or any such thing we’ll have not!
Bur faultless before all His glory we’ll be,
To live there and always His face we will see!

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