Thoughts, enemies, within my mind,
I find there nothing safe
Try as I might to put behind,
Yet desires, longings chafe

My weary soul, athirst may be,
But thirsting, am I sure,
My thirst always will ever be,
Things only, truly pure

I long for that which seemeth good
To human reason right
But am I foll’wing as I should
My Lord’s hand holding tight

Have I committed all to Him,
Who guides me with such skill?
And laid down every carnal whim,
Submitted, fully, all self-will

Those things which plague my waking hours,
Those things which haunt my sleep,
Those things which draw me from the power,
I give; Lord; please keep.

Keep them, plan my life for me,
Your strength to live and grow
Daily, minutarily,
Let me feel; and know.

My longing for another’s love,
Fulfilled alone can be,
When in surrender, and above,
To heaven entrusted be.

Of loneliness I feel so keen,
Of hopeless, lightless, void,
Lord, deeply, throughly clean,
My all, by grace employed.

In service, consecration, true,
To thee, and Thee alone,
All that I am, or will, or do,
Of Thee, my God, a clone.

In sacrifice I bring to Thee,
Nought but what Thou hast,
In tender love bestowed to me,
Lord, this is all I ask.

That Thou would take what I call mine,
And use it; for it’s Thine,
Twisted, bound, thoroughly entwined,
My will, inside of Thine.

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