I wanna tear it up
I wanna break it down
I’m sick if these walls
Break them to the ground.

I feel so trapped
my emotions are raw
the facade so complete
no attention will draw

The problems all hidden
the surface is smooth
but sharks still linger
with blood on their tooth.

Thoughts are sharks
evil and cruel
dragging me under
their irresistible pull

Doubts of God’s goodness
suicidal intent
the demons rejoicing
On my soul they are bent

Despondent, despairing
Apathy complete
Desiring death
Bullets, replete

Fingering the trigger
but lacking the will
scared of eternity
too scared to kill

Friends? What are they?
people who care?
then why don’t they notice?
sense my despair?

But still I know others
for reasons unknown
in anguish would suffer
If this fate I would own

So desperately, painfully
still I press on
finger off the trigger
for now, friends won.

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