Brightening Outlook

Brightening Outlook

Life ahead right now looks empty,
No clear path that I can see,
And the future looms before me,
Filled with dark uncertainty.

Circumstances press down on me,
Darkness glooms on every side.
Everything looks dark and dreary,
Faced by rivers deep and wild.

Roaring waters flooding past me,
Trying to drag me to my death.
And without a light to guide me,
How shall I escape it’s breath?!

No way left to go before me,
To go back there is no way;
Must I stay here, cold and dreary,
Till the breaking of the day?

Hark! A light! A glimmer growing!
Through the darkness and the night.
And a gentler stream is flowing,
Op’ning up the path of right!

Now I hear my Savior talking,
In a voice so small and still,
By my side He now is walking,
And my path with light doth fill.

Though I still can’t see the future,
And I cannot understand,
Everything about my Father,
He will lead me by the hand.

To that land of peace and glory,
With the angels; with no night,
If I only trust each worry,
To His never ending might.

So in peace I walk beside Him,
Holding tightly to His hand,
Placing all my conf’dence in Him,
Till I cross the final strand.

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